Audi A8 4H MMI 3G bluetooth carkit

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Model: 37815
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 Audi A8 4H Bluetooth carkit

 Specific kit for the retrofit of an original Bluetooth handsfree kit, version " Bluetooth Only"
Easy installation of the handsfree system
Activation will be automatically completed once you plug in the OBD-diagnostic interface
Re-usable diagnostic interface (only for one vehicle)


  • High quality audio output (also at high speeds)
  • Full integration into the MMI infotainment system
  • OEM-menu driven operation by using:
    • MMI oparation panel
    • Multifunctional steering wheel (if available)
  • Display of telephone information within the DIS as well as MMI screen
  • Voice output through the vehicle speakers - no installation of additional speakers neccessary
  • Using of the following telephone functions:
    • Phonebook browsing* (Display within the DIS)
    • Placing, answering, ending a call
    • Volume control
  • Place, accept and terminate calls


  • *If supported from mobile phone
  • No possibility for charging the mobile phone
  • Please consider the compatibility to its Bluetooth mobile phone (compatibility list Audi)
  • You can find a detailed description of functions of the handsfree in the Infotainment manual of the car, chapter name, tel.
  • On request the installation is possible by our internal installation